• Income planning

    With pension plans becoming obsolete and the reality of social security income running dry, what contingency plan do you have to protect your future income against rising federal income taxes and excessive volatility?
  • College planning

    Every year college tuition costs are on the rise. Indexed Universal Life will allow you to plan for your loved ones college expenses with tax free income, even if your loved one decides a different alternative to college. Not to mention the ability to avoid all future market volatility.
  • Universal Life

    Universal Life gives the policy owner the peace of mind to protect their loved ones with an accelerated tax free death benefit while taking advantage of living benefits such annual reset, which has outperformed the S & P 500 over the last decade.
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Available Videos

      AboutUniversalLife.com has launched several educational videos to help identify key components and philosophies within an Indexed Universal Life contract. The content of these videos are well diverse, ranging from interest accrual to the details of the underwriting process.   Video Library

Available PodCast



In order to help educate investors, AboutUniversalLife.com will be streaming a bi weekly radio podcast highlighting all of the financial benefits of an Indexed Universal Life policy free of charge. This podcast will discuss today’s financial climate and provide legitimate reasons why investors are adopting this philosophy.